It All Begins With a Conversation

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Gender Services Program gets hundreds of calls and messages every year. Each morning when I arrive at my desk there are phone and email messages waiting for me. 

We welcome people at all points along the gender spectrum.  There are no pre-requisites for calling us nor do you need a referral.  We can help you no matter where you are in your transition.

Our process begins with a telephone intake, a 20-minute conversation that can be scheduled at your convenience.

The questions I’ll ask you include your demographic information (name, address, phone number, birth date) as well as some information about your life…like who knows of your gender identity and who is supportive of you.  It helps if I can get a feeling for what your journey has been like so far, and what you may need from us in the future.

I’ll also ask about employment (and it’s okay if you’re not employed!) and insurance (if you have it) as well as what services you’re looking for from the Program.

We’ll talk a bit about therapists and doctors you’ve seen in the past as well as any medical conditions you have.  After collecting your current list of medications, we’re done!

Please call us if you’d like to have an intake with us…it is a great chance for you to ask questions about our Program and what interests you!  We’re here from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, but your intake can be scheduled outside of those hours if it is more convenient for you. You may also leave a voice mail message anytime, as well as sending an email to

I look forward to talking with you!